Still Water 8

Loch Ness, Schottland



Lake Zürich - Zürichseeschwimmen, Schweiz 

  • Distance: 26.4 km or 16.4 miles
  • Water temperature averages between 19-24°C or 66.2 – 75.2°F or 19-24°C
  • This lake has an organized race that is recognized around the world
  • Route: From Rapperswil to Zurich  
  • Organization/Race: Sri Chinmoy Races



Lake Tahoe, USA

  • Distance: 40.2 km or 24.9 miles  
  • Water temperature: 10–14.4°C or 50–58°F 
  • Difficult due to temperature and altitude 
  • Route: Length of Tahoe 
  • Organization + Ratifying Body: Lake Tahoe Marathon Swim Federation



Lake Taupo, Neuseeland 

  • Distance: 34 km or 21 miles
  • Water temperature: 11–23°C or 51–73°F
  • Located on the North Island of New Zealand, it is the largest lake in New Zealand 
  • Route: Longest distance of the lake
  • Organization + Ratifying body: Cook Strait Swim



Lake Ontario, Kanada  

  • Distance: 51 km or 31.5 miles
  • Water temperature: variable in a matter of hours due to wind (10-22°C or 50–72°F)
  • Difficult swim due to unpredictable wind and currents 
  • Route: Several different start and finish locations 
  • Organizations + Ratifying body: Solo Swims of Ontario




Lake Titicaca, Bolivien   

  • Route: Island of the Moon to Copacabana
  • Extremely challenging due to cold temperatures and at high altitude
  • Organizations + Ratifying body: Patagonia Swim




Lake Malawi, Malawi, Afrika 

  • Distance: 23.5 km or 14.6 miles  
  • Water temperatures: Warm year round
  • Difficult swim due to water temperature, logistics and wildlife
  • Route: Cape Ngombo to Senga Bay
  • Organization: Open Water Africa 
  • Swim ratification: Marathon Swimmers Federation




Sea of Galilee, Israel 



Anmerkung : 2011 waren die 8 Lakes : Loch Ness (Schottland), Windermere (England), Lake Zürich (Schweiz), Lake Tahoe (USA), Lake Baikal (Russland), Lake Taupo (Neuseeland), Lake Ontario (Kanada) und Lake Titicaca (Bolivien-Peru). Deshalb sei an dieser Stelle auch Windermere, Baikalsee und Titicaca See ergänzt.


Windermere, England



Baikalsee, Russland




Titicaca See, Bolivien - Peru




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